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AB 375 is a law the deals with child molesters, sexual harassers, and other predators in our schools.

The problem is that AB 375 won’t stop child molesters and would actually make it harder for school boards and administrators to get rid of these predators.

KIDS First

As parents join educators and district officials at the decision-making table, parents are often best positioned to call for the change needed and advocate first and foremost for the interests of their community's children. 

The New Face of Parent Power

Gary Friedman / Los Angeles Times

What does it mean to truly have parent power? 

"We considered a trigger campaign and used that as leverage," said Shannon Thomas-Allen in Teresa Watanabe's powerful LA Times Article: "Lennox Middle School opens on hopeful note" (


What is it about community that brings out the best in people?

This week, three newly transformed Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) schools opened their doors to much fanfare and hope, bringing together their communities in celebration of this year’s school openings.

Back to School means Back to Parents as Nation’s First ‘Parent Power Partnership’ School Opens Its Doors in Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES – TUESDAY, AUGUST 13, 2013 – Parents in Los Angeles are making history today with the opening of the nation’s first ‘Parent Power Partnership’ school created as a direct result of the use of a ‘Parent Empowerment’ law. The 24th Street Parents Union forged a unique partnership between the nation’s second largest school district, the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) and a high-performing, non-profit charter school – Crown Preparatory Academy – to operate their school.

A NEW DAY IN ADELANTO (Announcement & News Coverage Below)

History Is Made As Nation’s First ‘Parent Power’ School Opens Its Doors in California This Week 

Haddon Parents Abandon Trigger, Still Get Changes

Haddon Elementary Parents

In California public education, you sometimes don’t have to pull the trigger.

Parents of students at Haddon Avenue Elementary in Pacoima have ended their ‘parent trigger’ campaign to take over their school because they got what they wanted without it.

Parent Trigger Law Turns a Corner in California [Social Policy magazine]

(Pat DeTemple, Senior Strategist for Parent Revolution)

At a neighborhood park in Los Angeles this past April, the mostly Latino parent union of nearby 24th St. Elementary was conducting a secret ballot election to decide who should run their chronically failing school next year. The contenders were high performing charter schools and the Los Angeles Unified School District that had run the school ineffectively until parents organized and used California’s controversial “Parent Trigger” law to shake things up.

(Education Week) Parent Revolution: We Need to Work Together

To the Editor:

Three years ago, California enacted a groundbreaking new law called the "parent trigger" that gives parents the power to transform their failing neighborhood schools. From the start, opponents of the parent-trigger law have argued that the secret agenda behind it is a conspiracy to convert public education into a national for-profit charter school movement. And they see parents as well-meaning pawns in this effort.

Statement on LAUSD School Board Zimmer's June 18 Resolution (Link Included)

(Gabe Rose, Deputy Director for Parent Revolution)

Although this resolution was written without any input from Parent Revolution or the parents who are actually using this law, we are supportive of many of its goals.

We support public meetings and public notice of school data – whether in relation to Parent Trigger campaigns or otherwise – that give LAUSD parents more information on the state of their children’s schools.