Theory of Change

We believe the system of public education is failing in large part because it wasn't designed to succeed. It is a system that often puts the needs of adults before those of children, with disastrous results, particularly for the children that need high-quality schools the most.

To transform public education, we must ensure that every single decision is made based on the best interests of children, not adults. The only way to systemically and sustainably make this possible is to transfer power to parents, who have a different perspective and sense of urgency than all other stakeholders. This is what the Parent Trigger and the parent empowerment movement are all about - giving power to parents to help them transform public education by ensuring it is focused on the needs of their children.

"Kids-First Agenda"

We are empowering parents to fight for a "kids-first agenda" in which every single decision in public education is made based on what is best for children, period. A kids-first agenda means that policymakers must make every decision about education policy as if that decision would literally affect their own child. We believe that it is impossible to transform public education and ensure that every child has access to a high-quality public education until a kids-first agenda becomes a reality.