Desert Trails parents have a choice

John Fensterwald had a great piece on EdSource this week describing the upcoming RFP process at Desert Trails Elementary. The Desert Trails Parent Union in Adelanto County will have the opportunity to choose between three proposals to improve their local elementary school. Four letters of intent were submitted to the Union, and three were requested to write a proposal for the new and improved school. Check out this article for details.

Desert Trails parents take historic next step making use of Parent Trigger to transform failing school

Victorville, Calif. – Tuesday, August 7 – Following their recent historic legal victory with their Parent Trigger petition, the Desert Trails Parent Union today moved to the next stage in transforming the Desert Trails Elementary School. This is the first time anywhere in the United States parents are proactively determining the future for their children by deciding who will transform their children’s failing school.

Dan Walters discusses the Desert Trails Campaign

Dan Walters from the Sacramento Bee discusses the Desert Trails Parent Trigger campaign.

Court Upholds Parents Historic Trigger Petition

History in the making happened last week when the Honorable Steve Malone in the San Bernardino Superior Court made a highly anticipated ruling on the Desert Trails Parent Union’s "Parent Trigger" petition to transform Desert Trails Elementary School. In his ruling, Judge Malone upheld the parent's union petition, while overturning the Adelanto School District’s attempts to throw-out the petition on illegitimate and illegal grounds.

Cleveland Mayor teams up with teachers unions to put kids first

The Cleveland teachers union made it clear yesterday that unions can absolutely be part of the solution, not the problem, in establishing a kids-first agenda in education reform.

Parent Empowerment movement making serious progress in Louisiana

KPLC Channel 7 in Louisiana had a great local news story about their state’s newly passed Parent Trigger law, which passed with strong bipartisan support in April of this year:

Today's Historic Supreme Court Decision

At Parent Revolution, we believe in the simple idea that every child should have the opportunity to fulfill their potential and pursue their dreams. We understand that we will never live in a society of equal opportunity. But we must also never accept a society where zipcode and income determine destiny. While the work we do focuses on kids-first education reform, the other major pillar of hope and opportunity for poor children and children of color is quality healthcare.

Progressive Mayors Across the Country Endorse Parent Empowerment

I wanted to share with you some great news – the U.S. Conference of Mayors endorsed Parent Trigger over the weekend with a unanimous vote! The U.S. Conference of Mayors is the official organization that represents cities with more than 30,000 people in its boundaries – over 1300 cities in total! This is a big moment for Parent Trigger and the parent empowerment movement.

Check out yesterday’s Reuters article on this big endorsement HERE!

LA Times: Stop the Bullying

We launched Parent Revolution just over three years ago on the weekend of President Obama's historic inauguration, because we felt as though his campaign was a proof point that community organizing and grassroots movements can lead to transformative change.

Great LA Times column on our court case

I wanted to make sure you saw Jim Newton's column in today's LA Times about the historic Desert Trails Parent Trigger court case happening right now.

Click here to read Jim Newton's column from today's LA Times