Art Imitates Life on School Reform (Roll Call)

A new movie in theatres called "Won't Back Down" starring Maggie Gyllenhaal and Viola Davis as a mom and teacher who unite to take over their children’s failing school, has some teachers union leaders up in arms.

“Won’t Back Down” and Parent Trigger

Today’s national release of the movie “Won’t Back Down” is generating significant interest about “Parent Trigger” laws and how parents at underperforming schools can use them to transform their schools through community organizing.

Take a few moments to read some of the recent media coverage around Parent Trigger: what it means and how it can be implemented while also correcting misconceptions.

The Parent, the Teacher and the Congressman

Doreen Diaz, lead parent coordinator for the Desert Trails Parent Union had a national audience this past Sunday when she appeared as a guest on the NBC ‘Education Nation” panel discussing parents and teachers.

Sitting alongside her were Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers – and fierce opponent of Parent Trigger laws and parent empowerment efforts -- and Congressman George Miller (D-Calif.), a strong proponent of Parent Trigger organizing.

Fox & Friends

Executive Director Ben Austin was a guest this morning on “Fox & Friends” talking about parent empowerment, Parent Trigger and the release, later this week, of the movie “Won’t Back Down.”

You can see his interview here.

Bloomberg BusinessWeek is out this week with a major story on Parent Revolution

Bloomberg Business Week is out this week with a major story on Parent Revolution, Parent Trigger and the parent organizing efforts at Desert Trails. Link here to read the entire story. For those wanting to understand Parent Revolution and our work, it’s a must-read story.

No More Waiting for Miracles

Test scores are down, once again, at Desert Trails Elementary.

The top three district administrators have abandoned ship within the last few months.

The district is borrowing against its reserves just to pay its bills.

School board members have openly defied a court order and may face jail time or other court punishment, with one board member literally daring the court to haul him off the jail, saying “If I’m found in contempt of court, I brought my own handcuffs, take me away. I don’t care anymore.”

This is a district – and a school – in meltdown.

STAR test results show Celerity outperforming McKinley in all subject areas

The parents of the McKinley Parent Trigger Campaign have reason to celebrate, as the fruits of their labor can now be publicly recognized. The 2012 STAR test results show that Celerity Sirius Charter School, which the parents fought so hard to bring to the community, outperformed McKinley in all tested subject areas. Celerity Sirius achieved 9% higher proficiency scores in ELA, 7% higher in math, and 34% higher in science.

Public Concern for School District Meltdown in Adelanto

Parents Ask: Is the Adelanto School District a Sinking Ship? 
(Statement from Doreen Diaz, Coordinator of the Desert Trails Parent Union) 

"Won't Back Down" Screening at DNC Convention Promotes Support for Kid-Focused Ed Reform

Ben Austin, Parent Revolution's Executive Director, attended Monday's special pre-release screening of "Won't Back Down" (view trailer here) and spoke briefly following the screening to a room filled with excited audience members.

High Dem Turnout and Support for "Won't Back Down" (Despite PAA Protest Threat)

DNC delegates who arrived early in Charlotte turned out in droves on Monday September 3 to see a special pre-release screening of the Parent Trigger-inspired film "Won't Back Down" (view trailer here).  
The movie, which will be released in theaters on September 28, stars Viola Davis and Maggie Gyllenhaal as parents fighting to fix their children's broken school through a fictional parent trigger law.